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Transactions (1865) (14596898847)


Transactions (1865) (14596898847)



Title: Transactions
Year: 1865 (1860s)
Authors: Connecticut State Dental Association
Subjects: Dentistry Dentists
Publisher: Philadelphia
Contributing Library: Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

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tongue, but that will restore as fully aspossible the masticating function, thecontrolling of the food bolus in themouth by the tongue, and furnish theself-cleansing spaces that add so greatlyto the general comfort of the mouth; in Therefore the application of the rugaeon all dentures is an important feature,and instead of giving to the tongue sideof the denture a perfectly smooth sur-face, the rugae should be restored, givingit a somewhat irregular surface, which Fig. 12. Fig. 13.
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fact, everything should be done to renderthe mouth as comfortable as possible. Adenture, especially a rubber one, withsmooth surfaces over which the tongueslips, surfaces that do not tend to con-trol the food at all, makes it extremely,difficult for the patient either to becomecomfortable or proficient in its use. I relieves the conditions to which I allude,besides improving articulate speech. The lingual aspect of the teeth them-selves is also an important one. Theyshould present a rounded surface. Thiscan be done in several ways. The metalplate is the one in which this feature ismost neglected. Teeth for vulcanite at- CONNECTICUT STATE DENTAL ASSOCIATION. 51 tachment are larger and give morerounded surfaces; however, rubber is notalways indicated. Here is a gold denture with rubberattachment. (Pig. 10.) The teeth areattached by means of solder, and the lin-gual surfaces are built out, which gives Fig. 14. ■™Tf. The next specimen (Fig. 13) is onethat was worn for five or six year





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