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Transactions (1852) (14579471017)


Transactions (1852) (14579471017)



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Title: Transactions
Year: 1852 (1850s)
Authors: North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Report of the Committee upon mechanical coalcutting, 1905
Subjects: Mineral industries Mechanical engineering
Publisher: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto
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: nearlythe same in both cases. Over five cuts with each machine, theaverage time occupied by the Jeffrey bar was 4 minutes 31seconds, and the average power consumed was 22*7 horsepower;whilst, with the Jeffrey chain-machine, the time averaged 3minutes 37 seconds, and the power 14*5 horsepower. To over-come the frictional resistance of the bar-machine, that is, to startit when not cutting, required 6*85 horsepower, and the chain-machine 4*22 horsepower. The five bar-machines averaged 10*1horsepower per square foot under-cut per minute, and the sevenchain-machines 6*4 horsepower per square foot cut per minute.These experiments clearly indicated the superiority of the end-less chain-machine. The Jeffrey Chain-header.—The machine consists of astationary bed-frame, stayed, by means of screw-jacks at the frontand back, to the face and roof. On this, the chain-cutter frameslides, carrying the cutting-chain with tools attached to it. The 88 REPORT OF COMMITTEE UPON MECHANICAL COAL-CUTTING.
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of machine, 21 inches ;Length, 10 feet 8inches; width overcylinders, 39^ inches;and weight, 27 cw





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transactions 1852
transactions 1852