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Tizian - Hl. Magdalena als Büßerin - 5175 - Bavarian State Painting Collections


Tizian - Hl. Magdalena als Büßerin - 5175 - Bavarian State Painting Collections



Penitent Magdalene 

Public domain scan of 17th century artwork depicting a person and landscape background, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Tiziano Vecelli, also known as Titian, was an Italian Renaissance painter. He was born in Pieve di Cadore, Italy in 1488 and died in Venice in 1576. Titian was known for his use of colour and his ability to create depth and realism in his paintings. Some of his most famous works include "The Assumption of the Virgin", "Bacchus and Ariadne" and "The Venus of Urbino". Titian's influence on art can still be seen today and he is considered one of the greatest painters of all time. Born into a family of modest means, Titian was sent to Venice as a young boy to study art. He quickly showed a talent for painting, and by the age of 18 was already receiving commissions for his work. In Venice, Titian became part of a vibrant artistic community that included other great painters such as Giorgione and Giovanni Bellini. One of Titian's early works was a fresco in the Scuola del Santo in Padua, depicting scenes from the life of St Anthony. This work brought him to the attention of powerful patrons, including the Duke of Ferrara and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Titian's style evolved over time, and he experimented with new techniques and subjects throughout his career. He was particularly skilled in portraying the human form, and his figures are often depicted in dynamic poses and with great emotional intensity. In addition to his paintings, Titian was also an accomplished draughtsman and printmaker. He produced a large number of drawings and etchings throughout his career, many of which were studies for his paintings. Today, Titian's works can be found in museums and galleries around the world, including the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery in London and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. His influence on art has been profound and his legacy continues to inspire artists today.



1487 - 1576


Bavarian State Painting Collections

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penitent magdalene by titian
penitent magdalene by titian