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Three and the Deuce. Libretto. English

Three and the Deuce. Libretto. English



by Prince Hoare, author if No Song No Supper, My Grandmother, Lock and Key, The Prize &c ; the music composed by Signor Storace ; printed from the acting copy, with remarks, biographical and critical, by D.-G. [i.e. George Daniel] to which are added, a description of the costume,-cast of the characters,-entrances and exists,-relative positions of the performers on the stage,-and the whole of the stage business ; as performed at the Theatres Royal, London ; embellished with a fine engraving, by Mr. Bonner, from a drawing taken in the theatre, by Mr. R. Cruikshank. (statement of responsibility)
U.S. RISM Libretto Project.
Price on outside front cover: 6d; publisher's list--inside front cover; frontispiece illustration of act 1, scene 2 at Humphrey's line: Lord, sir, what are you at?; "Remarks"--p. 5-6; costume descriptions--p. 7; cast lists for undated performances at the Haymarket and Drury Lane and Drury Lane in 1824--p. 8; publisher's lists--inside and outside back cover.
Cast of the characters, as performed at the Theatres Royal, London, Covent Garden, 1831: JUSTICE TOUCHIT. Mr. Blanchard -- PERTINAX SINGLE/ PEREGRINE SINGLE/ PERCIVAL SINGLE. Mr. Balls -- HUMPHREY GRIZZLE. Mr. Keeley -- MAC FLOGGEN. Mr. Turnour -- FRANK WOODBINE. Mr. Meadows -- RENARD. Mr. Horrebow -- PINCH. Mr. Atkins -- TIPPY. Mr. Irwin -- CRAMP. Mr. Fuller -- SERVANT. Mr. Cooper -- WAITER. Mr. Heath -- EMILY MILFORD. Miss Scott -- PHOEBE WOODBINE. Miss H. Cawse -- TAFFIINE. Mrs. Keeley--p. 8.
Performance: London, Covent Garden, 1831. (venue)







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