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Thomas G. Davidson - Early photography, Public domain image


Thomas G. Davidson - Early photography, Public domain image



Public domain photograph - 19th-century salted paper print, early photogrpahy, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

James Earle McClees was a renowned American photographer born on 23 December 1821 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was one of the most successful photographers of his time, known for his portraits of prominent figures, landscapes and architectural structures. McClees began his career as a lithographer, but soon turned to photography, opening his own studio in Philadelphia in 1844. He quickly gained a reputation for his portraits, which were noted for their clarity and detail. In 1848, McClees travelled to Europe to study the latest photographic techniques and equipment. He returned to the United States with a new camera and began experimenting with new methods of printing photographs. McClees' work was widely recognised and he received numerous awards and honours throughout his career. He was a member of the American Photographic Society and served as its president from 1879 to 1880. McClees died in Philadelphia on 13 June 1887, leaving behind a legacy of extraordinary photographic work. His photographs are still admired for their technical excellence and artistic quality.





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