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Theatrical and circus life; (1893) (14579801407)


Theatrical and circus life; (1893) (14579801407)



Identifier: theatricalcircus00je (find matches)
Title: Theatrical and circus life;
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Jennings, John Joseph, 1853-1909. (from old catalog)
Subjects: Theater Circus
Publisher: Chicago, Laird & Lee
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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only to the well-bred lady. The training necessary to success in equestrianperformances, continued Miss Deacon, is monoto-nous in the extreme and in some parts very dangerous.None but those in rugged health ever withstand it, andno one without a perfect physical organization shouldundertake it. The ordinary exercises of the riding-school are trifles as compared with the tasks imposedin professional training. When a woman has obtainedall the knowledge to be acquired in a riding-school,she has only got the rudiments of real equestrian art.She must then enter the circus ring and familiarizeherself with the duties required of her there. Shemust be prepared to endure falls and bruises withoutnumber, together with frequent scoldings and correc-tions from the instructors. No woman, unless she bepossessed of extraordinary natural skill, ought to ap- 35 546 ACROBATICS AND EQUESTRIANISM. pear in the ring before an audience until she has grad-uated from a riding-school, and then practised in the
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ring four or five hours every day for at least six months.Those six months will be a period of torture and weari-ness to her, but she must undergo them or run the risk of ACROBATIC* AND EQUESTRIANISM. 547 almost certain failure and humiliation upon her firstappearance in public. The best equestrian instructor in Europe— in factthe only one of established reputation — is M. Sal-monsky of Berlin. He is one of the grandest horse-men in the world, and in his great circus includes someof the finest stock on the continent. He saw me firstin London, my native place, many years ago when Iwas performing with my brothers and sisters in Hen-leys Kegent Street circus, and offered to take me withhim to Berlin and complete my training. I accepted,and entered his circus at the German capital, where Ireceived the most careful instruction he could giveme. M. Salmonsky would send me into the ring withhis most spirited horses every day and stand by todirect my exercises. Sometimes I thought I should





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