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The village blacksmith / L.M. Glackens.

The village blacksmith / L.M. Glackens.



Illustration shows, on the left, Theodore Roosevelt, hand resting on a sledgehammer labeled "My Policies", standing at the entrance to his shop "T. Roosevelt Horseshoer & Wheelwright" with "Dr. Abbott" at his side; a sign on the wall states "Autos, Air-ships & Bicycles Repaired". Road signs labeled "Republican Turnpike" are pointing into the background. At center and right is a jumble of ruined vehicles, a small wagon labeled "Direct Primaries" is being pulled in opposite directions by "Gov. Hughes" and "Wadsworth", "Beveridge" gestures toward a wagon labeled "Indiana Campaign" that has lost a wheel, President Taft is driving a sulky labeled "Aldrich Tariff", drawn by the Republican elephant, that has lost the rim to one wheel, a woman labeled "Woman's Suffrage" is holding a bicycle with damaged tires, "La Follette" is pointing to the foot of a horse labeled "Wisconsin Campaign" "Parsons" and "Woodruff" are in an automobile that has had an accident, "Murdock" appears to be kicking one of the tires, an airplane labeled "Conservation" with "Pinchot" and "Garfield" on board, has crashed into a tree labeled "Ballinger"; also in the mix is a man labeled "Poindexter" and in the background is "Penrose" walking away from an automobile accident labeled "Pennsylvania". In the lower left corner is the shadow of the Democratic donkey.
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Illus. in: Puck, v. 68, no. 1744 (1910 August 3), centerfold.
Copyright 1910 by Keppler & Schwarzmann.





Glackens, L. M. (Louis M.), 1866-1933, artist


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