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The Suicide of Lucretia - Gold leaf illuminated manuscript


The Suicide of Lucretia - Gold leaf illuminated manuscript



Public domain reproduction of French medieval illuminated manuscript page, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

The Boucicaut Master was a French painter and illuminator who worked between 1390 and 1430. He was named after Jean II de Boucicaut, a prominent French military commander who was one of his patrons. The Master of Boucicaut is known for his exquisite illuminated manuscripts, which were highly prized by the French nobility. His style was characterised by a delicate use of colour, intricate patterns and an attention to detail unmatched by his contemporaries. Some of his most famous works include the Hours of Jean de Boucicaut, a prayer book commissioned by Jean II de Boucicaut, and the Hours of Simon de Varie, a devotional book created for Simon de Varie, a French nobleman. The work of the Master of Boucicaut had a major influence on the development of French art in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. His manuscripts are considered some of the finest examples of illuminated manuscripts from this period and continue to be studied and admired by art historians and enthusiasts alike.



1413 - 1415


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