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The street railway review (1891) (14574010900)


The street railway review (1891) (14574010900)



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Title: The street railway review
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Authors: American Street Railway Association Street Railway Accountants' Association of America American Railway, Mechanical, and Electrical Association
Subjects: Street-railroads
Publisher: Chicago : Street Railway Review Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

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d diatribesand ignorant penny-encyclopaedic, so-called scientificexposition of the deadliness of electricity in general andof generated electricity in particular, with the usualamount of slush, driviling idiocy and cant about over-head naked wires, carrying a high potential, the casesare mentioned. The appositiveness of the casualties citedas the exposition of the peculiar deadliness of the deadlytrolley, is shown by a careful examination of the honestand unbiased list, which shows an actuality of exactly onecase of the 33 which might be directly attributed to thethe current, and even in this case, which was a linemanworking on a tall pole, there is no certainty that deathwas not due to the fall instead of shock, although itis admitted the current caused the man to lose his hold. In another case four horses were shocked and onekilled. The remaining cases were run-overs, whichhappens in every place as all attendant on the intro-duction of rapid transit and the rather agricultural habit
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OOUBERT HORIZONTAL FEED WATER HEATER. The heater is shown in the engraving as resting on apair of columns; but it ma) be provided, instead, witheither lugs, bolts or straps, to be hung from the ceiling,or it may be supported by beams, or by saddles. Themanufacturers have preserved in this horizontal heater allthe advantages of construction found in their well-knownvertical heater. PERVERTING THE TRUTH. ALL that the trolleys friends and supporters wish, isthat a just construction be put upon a just judg-ment formed in regard to the the so-called deadlytrolley accidents. The New York World for July 25, contains a double-column, double-headed article, with the caption TheDeadly Trolley, and under this gives, besides rot, bom-bast and lies ad libitum, a seemingly just terminationby listing exactly and truthfully, 31 accidents that have some have of protruding the head from a car windowfor various purposes. In fact, the only reasonable objection is the speed, andif we must seek the greates





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internet archive document streetrailwayrev 02 amer