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The street railway review (1891) (14572145460)


The street railway review (1891) (14572145460)



«Cable incline railway, Mt. Lowe» (original caption)
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Title: The street railway review
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Authors: American Street Railway Association Street Railway Accountants' Association of America American Railway, Mechanical, and Electrical Association
Subjects: Street-railroads
Publisher: Chicago : Street Railway Review Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

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the road. Inmaking this trip the passenger ascends from a valley of tropicalclimate with its characteristic fruits and flowers and enters a higherzone where all traces of these are lost. Starting from Los Angelesthe cars of the Mt. Lowe line pass through the San Gabriel Valleybefore reaching Altadena. Here the passengers transfer to the Mt.Lowe car which ascends the foot hills of the mountain to RubiuCanyon. Here they are taken by the incline cars, which climbgrades varying from 48 to 60 per cent, and in a distance of 3.000 ft.make a rise of 1.300 ft. One of the bridges on tliis line is 200 length, the upper end being 120 ft. higher than the lower end. Atthe end of this line is Echo Mountain, 3.500 ft. above the sea. FromEcho Mountain to .\lpine Tavern the line is a winding mountainrailway rising to an ultimate height of 5.000 ft. above the sea level.The rate of fare for the round trip from Los .\ngcles to AlpineTavern on Mt. I. nvc is $2.50. and excursion tickets are sold Sat-
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for ilic rounri trip is 25 cents and lo San Gabriel .^o cents. Ilie runI* made in 28 miniiles with a y) niiniKc service on week days and aIS minulc service on Sundays.The Mt. Lx>wc line from Los Angeles to Alpine Tavern passes CAllLK INCIjlNE K.\II,WAV. MT. LOWK. iirdays and .Sundays for $_■. lrom Los Angeles lo Pasadena thedistance is 11.37 niilcs and the fare is 25 cents. Ien ride commutation tickets are sold for $1. Helween Los .\ngeles anilPasadena a five minute service is given dining the nisli hours ,11morning and night and 10 minute service dining the day. The Wliittier line, 17 miles in length, is to be built this summer.Ihis line will eventually run to Santa Ana, 35 miles distant, wherea steam motor line is now o;)er.ileil by the same interests. Union Depot. Tlie Pacific Electric Railway Co. is biiihhiig a new terminal sta-tion in Los Angeles which will be used as a Union depot for all theintcrurban lines of the companies, including the Pasadena, LongBeach, Santa Ana, Mo





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