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The Street railway journal (1907) (14781635873)


The Street railway journal (1907) (14781635873)



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Title: The Street railway journal
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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S 0 5 T C S PS ■a S 3. fH in ■a bi bo IT\ bfi rt tn to H 0 H F O -a OJ -o :=: n; CO rt ^ -1 rt tM a K h-1 J 2; J fQ Ph ^ fe C U ^ O lO ^ t-^ /i rri o r-i c4 CO -«l5 in b^ 00 «rt cq cq CO CO CO eo CO H U < « < oo On o s T-i ;g 0 J3 o. J3 0 . c a s o ^^ woo en O cP^c co C o O 1 OO Pq p c a,d eg -1%. -a« a 1—, ■S g ■O ^ .Sat; co 3 o a;H C u 0 C u 0 Q •0 V 5. y.S -v 2; d rt c o -a c 0 23 1—1 Ku ^^ Ph u (Ik s < iii 15 Ph P5 O f^ C!i 0 T-5 i CO :* < i-H 1-i 1-1 r-1 T-H % o + 0 i o O 13 Jj w w o o Pi^ fTl Q< 1-1oo H a . ofi o o qj PQ QIn oH PP M <u ^4 CSo cW 0 0 < 1-1 P^ > 0 P5 0 u H 1^ -ao o.P C •- > E 3 be C S S 0 Q Q .b .y 03CS ^1 O C .5 = c 1- c s c rH Cj 1 ^ St ■^ ^ o o. C J X C/J S .5 U5 ^ 612; I- CV3 ;? 0 Ph P5 PP ,-1 cq CO ■* in CO t- 00 Oi O 1-1 June 8, 1907.) STREET RAILWAY JOURNAL. 1025
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I026 STREET RAILWAY JOURNAL. (Vol. XXIX. No. 23. of the Harmon buildings. However, owing to its erectionover tiie old channel of the Bronx River, it was thought ad-visable to reinforce the pit floors longitudinally and trans-versely; the first rein-forcement consists ofsix y^-in. rods and thesecond of 5^-in. rodsspaced 18 ins. center tocenter. The drainage and pitlighting also follow theHarmon practice. Fireprotection is securedby outside fire hy-drants, inside hose con-nections, chemical ex-tinguishers, dry powderextinguisher and firepails. There will alsobe the same stand-pipes and roof laddersas at Harmon. Aside from the coiland fan room men-tioned later in connec-tion with the heating,the facilities roomscomprise offices, astoreroom, small ma-chine shop and black-smith shop, employeeslocker room and toilets. This section is built in the same style as the inspection shed,except that a lo-in. cinder floor replaces concrete in theblacksmith shop, and in the offices a pine floor is la





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the street railway journal 1907
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