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The Street railway journal (1899) (14735781046)


The Street railway journal (1899) (14735781046)



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Title: The Street railway journal
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
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ed by curb stones and paved in themiddle. The line appliances were supplied by H. W.Johns Manufacturing Company and A. & J. M. Ander- with short platforms, and are all of short length on accountof the narrow streets in the old part of the city, whichwould prevent the use of a longer car. The doubledecks are employed on account of the variable climate,which makes some passengers prefer an open car andothers a closed car. The management reports that noaccidents have followed the use of double-deck cars, andthey seem well suited for the conditions existing in Buenos 74 STREET RAILWAY JOURNAL. Vol. XV , No. 2. Aires. The usual European regulations in regard to lim-iting the number of passengers on the cars are in force,and only four people are allowed to stand on the frontplatform and six on the rear platform. The climate isabout similar to that in Richmond, Va., and no car heatersare required. At present one motorman and two con-ductors are employed on each car, one conductor for the
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makes nineteen trips a day, or 380 miles in toto. Thecars are double truck, and are made by the Barney &Smith Company. The fare from Milwaukee to Waukesha is 35 cents sin-gle trip, and 50 cents round trip, which is considerablylower than the competing railroad fare, and the electricrailway has taken nearly all the business away from thesteam railroad. The line to Waukesha has been recentlyrebuilt, and is in magnificent condition. A large portionof it is over private right of way. A short time ago, on theinvitation of General Manager Beggs, Henry Villard andother largely interested stockholders of the North Ameri-





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