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The story of The Mikado (1921) (14780032524)


The story of The Mikado (1921) (14780032524)



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Title: The story of The Mikado
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), 1836-1911
Subjects: Sullivan, Arthur, Sir, 1842-1900 Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), 1836-1911
Publisher: London, Daniel O'Connor
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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ved just as his marriage toYum-Yum had been satisfactorily arranged. It wasmost awkward for everybody, and everybody won-dered what would happen next. Nanki Poo lookedparticularly foolish. Kati-sha prided herself, not without reason, uponher powers of unpleasant declamation. As soon asshe had enjoyed the confusion and dismay thatfollowed her startling announcement, she advancedto Nanki Poo and addressed him in these scornfulterms : Oh fool, that fleest My hallowed joys!Oh blind, that seestNo equipoise! *Oh rash, that judgest From half the whole !Oh base, that judgestLoves lightest dole!Thy heart unbind,Oh fool, oh blind !Give me my place,Oh rash, oh base ! * I fancy that she meant by this that Nanki Poo was so short-sighted as notto perceive that her moral and social qualities were an adequate compensationfor the drawbacks of advanced age and damaged personal appearance. Butwhen people lapse into poetry you never can be quite sure what they mean 64 I CLAIM MY PERJURED LOVER, NANKI POO
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THE STORY OF THE MIKADO Having completely withered Nanki Poo with thesepleasant little remarks, she next turned her attentionto poor trembling little Yum-Yum, and proceededto give her a bit of her mind. Pink cheek that rulest Where Wisdom serves !Bright eye that foolest Steel-tempered nerves !Rose-lip that scornestLore-laden years!Sweet tongue that warnestWho rightly hears.Thy doom is nigh,Pink cheek, bright eye !Thy knell is rung,Rose-lip, sweet tongue. This was too bad of Kati-sha. In the first place,she ought to have remembered that, after all, it wasno fault of Yum-Yums, and, in the second, that inaddressing an inexperienced girl, fresh from school,she ought to express herself in simple terms, if shewished her meaning to be understood. Pink cheek that rulest Where Wisdom serves. I suppose she meant that she, Kati-sha, was theembodiment of Wisdom, but I dont see how she 67 THE STORY OF THE MIKADO served except as an example to be avoided. Butshe was in a tearing rage at the time, a





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