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The Statue, or the Adoration of the Wise-Men of the West (BM J,1.69)


The Statue, or the Adoration of the Wise-Men of the West (BM J,1.69)



A sequel to 'The Repeal' [BM Satires 4140; a satire on the repeal of the Stamp Act and the administration of George Grenville] showing, in the centre, Dr James Scott ("Anti-Sejanus") as a statue on a plinth. He is wearing clerical robes, a wreath of tobacco leaves and holding an apple branch (a reference to the Cider Tax) and a scroll with the stamp as used in America. The plinth is lettered with a long text celebrating the repeal in satirical terms, and with a list of subscribers: "Jemmy Twitcher [Lord Sandwich] / Mr. Geo. Stamp [Grenville] / Sejanus [Lord Bute] / Lord Gawkee [Lord Temple] / The Weaaver [Duke of Bedford] / Sr. Bull Face Double Fee [Fletcher Norton]". Those listed, except for Bute and Temple, are standing on either side of the statue and are identifiable in the same way as in BM Satires 4140; a ragged woman kneels with two small children at the plinth; she is identified in "The British Antidote,or, Scots Scourge", vol. v, as a weaver's wife. On the left, the closed tomb of "Miss Ame[rican] Stamp born 1765 died 1766 Etat 12 Mon"; as in the view of the tomb in BM Satires 4140 two skulls appear on poles and the inscription includes references to previous government measures. To the right, a naked Fury, labelled "Repeal" flies towards Scott holding up a mirror and brandishing a scourge. 24 April 1766
Etching and engraving



1850 - 1950


British Museum

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