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The secret trails (1921) (14780527774)


The secret trails (1921) (14780527774)



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Title: The secret trails
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Roberts, Charles G. D. (Charles George Douglas), Sir, 1860-1943
Subjects: Animals, Legends and stories of
Publisher: New York Macmillan
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
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y had always saidwould happen to a man who smoked tobacco.But the majority were for not condemning 10 THE SECRET TRAILS him when he was unable to defend himself.For three weeks he lay helpless. And by thetime he was well enough to tell his story,which was convincing to all but the sternestof his censors, the black boar had wanderedso far into the wilderness that he was safe frompursuit. There were no woodsmen in Lone-some Water cunning enough to follow up hisobscure and devious trail. II In spite of the allurements of the lily pool,the black boar forsook it after a couple ofblissful days wallowing. The wanderlust,choked back for generations, had awakenedin his veins. He pushed on, not caring inwhat direction, for perhaps a fortnight.Though food was everywhere abundant, hehad always to work for it, so he grew leanand hard and swift. The memory of a thou-sand years of servitude slipped from him, asit were, in a night, and at the touch of thewilderness many of the instincts and aptitudes
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tISI The black boar had wandered su far into the wildernessthat he was safe from pursuit. THE BLACK BOAR ii, of a wild thing sprang up in him. Only theinstinct of concealment, of stealth, was lack-ing to this new equipment of his. He fearednothing, and he hunted nothing more elusivethan lily-roots; so he took no care to disguisehis movements. At first, because of the noise he made, theforest seemed to him to be empty of all livingthings but birds. Then one day, as he laybasking in the sun, he saw a wild-cat pounceupon a rabbit. At first he stared curiously.But when he saw the wild-cat feasting on herprey, he decided that he wanted the banquetfor himself. As he burst through the bushes,the great cat stared for an instant in utteramazement, never having seen or dreamed ofsuch an apparition. Then, her eyes likemoons, her six-inch bob-tail flufifed to a bottle-brush, and every hair stiffly on end, shebounced into the nearest tree. There in acrotch she crouched, spitting and yowling,while

Paul Bransom (1885–1979) was active/lived in New York, Wyoming, California, District Of Columbia. Paul Bransom is known for Illustrator-wildlife, dog-genre. An animal and wildlife illustrator and painter, Paul Bransom was born in Washington D.C. and began drawing animals from early childhood. He left school at age thirteen and became an apprentice-draftsman assisting with mechanical drawings for patents.





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