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The Scottonian (1919) (14587465829)


The Scottonian (1919) (14587465829)



Identifier: scottonian00scot (find matches)
Title: The Scottonian
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Scott High School (Toledo, Ohio)
Subjects: Scott High School (Toledo, Ohio) High schools School yearbooks
Publisher: Toledo, Ohio : Scott High School
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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ediction. Rossinger, John F. Elective. Glenwood1 School.Come, my coach! Good; night, ladies. 11111(111 Stewart, Donald GordonElective. WarrenSchool. Radio Club,16,-17-18; Demosthe-nian Literary Society,18-19. Nature is always wise inevery part. Stone, Ashton P. Elective. Fulton School, Toledo.None out himself can be his parallel. Strike, Clifford S.Elective. EmersonSchool, Wichita, Kan-sas. Deinosthenian, 19. Thy modesty is a candleto thy merit. Strong, Sherwood U. Elective. Fulton School.He thought the moon ivas made of green cheese. Strtjnk, Charles H.Elective. JeffersonSchool, Toledo. Deinos-thenian Literary Socie-ty, 18, 19; Scott Hi YClub, 18, Pres., 19;Thistle Board, 19. Studious of ease, andfond of humble things. SWARTZBAUGH, TED Elective. MonroeSchool. Varsity Re-serve in Football andBasketball, 15; Varsi-ty Reserve in Football,17; Varsity Quarter-back, Varsity S., 17;Varsity Halfback, Foot-ball S, Basketball S,and Baseball, 18-19.A mighty man teas heWith large and sinewyarms.
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