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The Reaper, by Walter Crane - Public domain book illustration


The Reaper, by Walter Crane - Public domain book illustration



Identifier: germanclassicsof05fran (find matches)
Title: The German classics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; masterpieces of German literature
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Francke, Kuno, 1855-1930 Howard, William Guild, b. 1868 Singer, Isidore, 1859-1939
Subjects: German literature German literature English literature
Publisher: Albany, N. Y. : J. B. Lyon company
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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ses,Do what we will for smell, oh! Then he began to cut away —It must have made them smart;With all his might the tailor rippedThe devils ears apart.Hallo, thou tailor-fellow.Now march away from hell — oh,We else should need a doctor.If what we will were well — oh I And last of all came LuciferAnd cried: What horror fell INo devil has his little tail;So drive him out of hell.Hallo, thou tailor-fellow.Now hie thee out of hell — oh,We need to wear no clothes at all —For what we will, is well, oh! And when the tailors sack was packed, He felt so very well — oh! He hopped and skipped without dismay And had a laughing spell, oh! And hurried out of hell — oh. And stayed a tailor-fellow; And the devil mil catch no tailor now, Let him steal, as he will — it is well, though! THE REAPERThere is a reaper. Death his name;His might from God the highest came.Today his knife hell whet,T will cut far better yet;Soon he will come and mow.And we must bear the woe —Beware, fair flower!
Text Appearing After Image:
THE BOYS MAGIC HORN 169 The flowers fresh and green today, Tomorrow will be mowed away: Narcissus so white, The meadows delight, The hyacinthias pale And morning-glories frail — Beware, fair flower! Full many thousand blossoms blitheMust fall beneath his deadly scythe:Roses and lilies pure.Your end is all too sure!Imperial lilies rareHe will not spare —Beware, fair flower! The bluet wee, of heavens hue. The tulips white and yellow too, The dainty silver bell, The golden phlox as well — All sink upon the earth. Oh, what a sorry dearth! Beware, fair flower! Sweet lavender of lovely scent,And rosemary, dear ornament,Sword-lilies proud, unfurled.And basil, quaintly curled.And fragile violet blue —He soon will seize you too!Beware, fair flower! Death, I defy thee! Hasten near With one great sweep — I have no fear! Though hurt, Ill stay undaunted. For I shall be transplanted Into the garden by heavens gate. The heavenly garden we all await. Rejoice, fair flower! JACOB AND WILHELM





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