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The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Meeting

The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Meeting



Description: The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics in session at Washington to discuss plans to place America foremost in the development of aviation. A report was heard from Dr. Ames, chairman of the executive committee, on research work to develop the new heavy oil fuel injection aircraft engine which does away with carburetor and spark plugs, and will lessen the fire hazard. Dr. S.W. Stratton, secretary of the committee and director of the Bureau of Standards, is shown seated at the extreme left. Around the table, left to right, are: Prof. Charles F. Marvin, (Chief , Weather Bureau); Dr. John F. Hayford (Northwestern University); Orville Wright; Major Thurman H. Bane (Chief of the Engineering Division, U.S. Army Air Service); Paul Henderson, (Second Assistant Postmaster General); Rear Admiral W.A. Moffet, (Chief, Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy); Dr. Michael I. Pupin, (Columbia University); Rear Admiral D.W. Taylor (Chief, Bureau of Construction and Repair, U.S. Navy); Dr. Charles D. Walcott, NACA Chairman, (Secretary, Smithsonian Institution); Major General Mason M. Patrick (Chief of Air Service, U.S. Army); and Dr. Joseph S. Ames, Chairman NACA Executive Committee (Johns Hopkins University). ..Image # : NACA-1921

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