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The 'Melbourne' (1875) at Gravesend, U.K. PRG-1373-2-46

The 'Melbourne' (1875) at Gravesend, U.K. PRG-1373-2-46



The iron ship, 'Melbourne', 1857 tons, at Gravesend, U.K. built as 'Melbourne' in 1875, and renamed in 1888. Well known in the Australian passenger trade, trading mainly to Sydney. [iron ship 1965 gross tons, 1857 net tons. ON70749, 269.8 x 40.1 x 23.7. Built 1875 (6) R&H Green, Blackwall London. Owners: R&H Green. Registered London, 1887. The 'Melbourne' ran regularly to Melbourne until 1887 with an average voyage time of 82 days. She was sold in 1887 to Devitt and Moore who renamed the ship 'Macquarie' in 1888 and operated her to Sydney. When Devitt and Moore became associated with Lord Brassey's cadet scheme the 'Macquarie' was employed in training cadets while en-route UK-Australia-UK. Devitt and Moore; 1903 renamed 'Fortuna' on sale to Norwegian owners (J. Bryde, Sandefjord), and became a coal hulk in Sydney before WW1.



1914 - 1919


State Library of South Australia

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