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The medicine of Akbar 06 - Public domain  drawing


The medicine of Akbar 06 - Public domain drawing



Title: Ṭibb-i Akbar / Muḥammad Akbar ʻurf Muḥammad Arzānī ibn Mīr Ḥājī Muḥammad Muqīm.
‏طب اکبر /‏ ‏محمد اکبر عرف محمد ارزانى بن مير حاجى محمد مقيم.
Translated Title: The medicine of Akbar.
Variant Title: Sharḥ al-asbāb wa-al-ʻalāmāt
Author(s)/Name(s): Muḥammad Akbar ibn Mīr Ḥajjī Muḥammad Muqīm, known as Muḥammad Arzānī, d. 1722.
Nafīs ibn ’Iwad al-Kirmānī, d. ca. 1447, Sharh al-asbāb wa-al-’alāmāt.
Publisher: [17--?]
Description: [1], 559 leaves, bound, (15-20 lines; leaves 554a, 555b, 556a, 557b, 558a, 559b blank) : paper, ill.(some col.) ; 23 cm.
Language: per
Notes: Tibb-i Akbar is an expanded version of Sharḥ al-asbāb wa-al-ʻalāmāt written by Burhan al-Dīn Nafīs ibn ʻIvād al-Kirmānī a 15th century Persian physician.
Title given on fol. 1b line 1.
Author’s name given in preface to text (fol. 10a line 5).
Copy undated: appearance of paper, handwriting, ink, etc. suggests a dating of ca. 18th century.
Purchased in 1940 by the Army Medical Library from the New York dealer Maggs (see Maggs catalogue 687, spring 1940: Manuscripts of Asia, Africa and Europe in thirty different languages. London, 1940, p.31).
Catchwords, rubrications, red overlinings; subtitles and new enteries in red; marginal corrections with a few later marginalia in various hands.
Paper is thin, burnished, yellow-brown; only laid lines are visible; wormeaten; waterdamaged at top; leaves have been trimmed; the first 50 leaves have been numbered in pencil in Western numerals, paginated from left to right (i.e. numerals 511 through 560); volume recently refoliated correctly.
Dark red leather modern library binding with modern pastedowns and endpapers.
Fol. 554-559 contain illustrations; fol. 554b: in ink and opaque watercolors, full-page illustration of a pregnant woman with abdomen and chest opened to reveal the internal organs and fetus, with drawings of the heart, lungs, and rectum surrounding the figure; fol. 555a: in ink and opaque watercolors, full-page male figure with abdomen and chest opened to reveal the internal organs, the right hand holding the genitalia, a drawing of the liver and gallbladder in the upper left corner; fol. 556b:in ink and opaque watercolors, drawings of the liver with gallbladder, the stomach with intestines, the testicles, and detail of the stomach; fol. 557a: in ink and opaque watercolors, a composite drawing of the tongue, larynx, heart, trachea, stomach, and liver, a composite drawing of the ureters, urethra, kidneys, testicles and penis, and of the bladder with female genitalia, womb, and fetus; fol. 558b: in ink with light gray wash, a skeleton leaning on a pedestal; fol. 559a: in ink with gray wash, a skeleton leaning on a scythe.
Described in: Schullian & Sommer. Cat. of incun. & MSS., 1950, P20.
An amplified Persian translation of the Arabic treatise Sharh al-asbāb wa-al-’alāmāt written by Nafīs ibn ’Iwad al-Kirmānī (fl. 1423-1438), as described on fol. 10a lines 12-14 of this copy; the Persian expanded version was composed by Muhammad Akbar in 1112 [1700]; a copy of the Arabic original is found in NLM MS A66.1.
The treatise consists of 24 chapters (bābs) and a conclusion (khatimah) on the symptoms and treatment of diseases specific to particular parts and general diseases, arranged under the names of illnesses beginning with those affecting the head; the conclusion (in two parts) deals with the properties of compound remedies and medical terminology.
Fol. 1b-9b contain a table of contents for this treatise in a different hand from main text, written 15 lines to a page; main text begins in middle of introduction before the first bab on fol. 10a and ends on fol. 553b.
Fol. 1a is blank except for a later note on compound remedies (mujarrabat); fol. [1] contains a table of contents for a different treatise, on diseases of the head, eyes and, ears, written in a different hand.
Microfilm. Washington, D.C. : Army Medical Library, 1948. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. 17--?
NLM Unique ID: 9404088



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