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The Medical and surgical reporter (1887) (14587246000)


The Medical and surgical reporter (1887) (14587246000)



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Title: The Medical and surgical reporter
Year: 1858 (1850s)
Subjects: Medicine Surgery
Publisher: (Philadelphia, Pa. : Crissy & Markley, Printers)
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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istory of stricture. He had had gonorrhoeaseveral times, the first attack dating backfifteen years; also had syphilis in 1875. Itried several times to pass a filiform bougie,but failed. There existed in the perineuma dense cicatricial mass, the result of an oldperineal abscess, through which some urinepassed for a time, but which closed up spon-taneously. He complained of severe painfollowing each micturition, and often hadattacks of retention. As gradual dilatation 774 Communications. (Vol. lvi. did not accomplish anything, he gave hisconsent to an operation, which I made July27, 1885. After the patient was etherized, Isucceeded with but little effort in introducingthe filiform attachment of a urethrotomystaff which I devised (Fig. 2). I deem the gradual stretching of theprostatic urethra a procedure of importance,not only for the purpose of exploring thebladder, but also because by temporarilyparalyzing that portion of the urethra,it aidsmaterially in relieving any cystitis that may
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Fig. 2. Fig. 3. The staff was pushed forward, and cutdown upon in the perineum, and the sectionwas completed with a triangular probe-pointedknife, which I had made for me byTiemann & Co. (Fig. 3.)





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the medical and surgical reporter
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