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The making of the Ohio Valley states, 1660-1837 (1894) (14781237474)


The making of the Ohio Valley states, 1660-1837 (1894) (14781237474)



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Title: The making of the Ohio Valley states, 1660-1837
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: Drake, Samuel Adams, 1833-1905
Publisher: New York, C. Scribner's sons
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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ELEPHANT MOUND. 156 MARIETTA, THE COKNER-STONE was the huge mounds,^ roads, or earthworks rising onall sides of them, so old, indeed, that trees of great agewere growing out of them. Who could have built them ?And what had become of their builders ? These ques-tions remain unanswered to this day. These moundsare the American Sphinx. Upon one of the highest mounds, apparently an older
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V/> ^ ANCIENT EARTHWORKS IN OHIO. fortification itself, these settlers began building a strongfort of hewn logs, into Avhich the women and childrenwere first put. The ground thus enclosed, as well asthe fort itself, was named the Campus Martins ^ or Placeof Arms. To one of the ancient causeways, or, moreproperly speaking, covered ways, they gave the name ofVia Sacra, or Holy Way, as if deeply impressed by the MARIETTA, THE CORNER-STONE 157 fact that they were treading upon the bones of multitudesof men. These things done, the work of clearing and laying offhouse-lots went briskly on, Putnam himself being thesurveyor. A large tract of land was planted with corn,apparently in common. Cabins and corn grew up to-gether, though the corn was tall, while the first cabinswere little low huts, covered in with walnut bark. Thearmy officers, doing duty at Fort Harmar, looked acrossthe river at the little settlement, daily rising before theireyes, Avith wonder and admiration ; and one of themh





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