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The literature of the ancient Egyptians (1914) (14759723846)


The literature of the ancient Egyptians (1914) (14759723846)



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Title: The literature of the ancient Egyptians
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Budge, E. A. Wallis (Ernest Alfred Wallis), Sir, 1857-1934
Subjects: Egyptian literature -- History and criticism Egyptian literature English literature
Publisher: London : J.M. Dent & Sons limited
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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ave not added to the weights of the scales. I have notfalsified the pointer of the scales. I have not taken milkfrom the mouths of children. I have not driven away thecattle that were upon their pastures. I have not snared thefeathered fowl in the preserves of the gods. I have notcaught fish (with bait made of) fish of their kind. I havenot stopped water at the time (when it should flow). I havenot breached a canal of running water. I have not extin-guished a fire when it should burn. I have not violatedthe times (of offering) chosen meat-offerings. I have notdriven off the cattle from the property of the gods. I havenot repulsed the god in his manifestations. I am pure. Iam pure. I am pure. I am pure. In the second part of the Chapter the deceased repeatsmany of the above declarations of his innocence, but witheach declaration the name of one of the Forty-two Judgesis coupled. Thus we have : I. Hail, thou of the long strides, who comest forth fromHeliopolis, I have not committed sin.
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T3O o OD 6 u >> G a rt i- a 5 ^ •^ <0 -0 rt f^i 5 ■^ . ^ o <-H- rG o bt =c; r—^ (U ^ rt ■ r; C/3 K Ul c o g CJ O <v •-> ^ <.l-l 15* o V-, f: u •s Q ^ HH ^ ^ (L) ^ ^ -J C T^ ^ rt , , m^ QJ K ^ 1) X THE BOOK OF THE DEAD 53 2. Hail, thou who art embraced by flame, who comestforth from Kheraha, I have not robbed with violence. 3. Hail, Nose, who comest forth from Hermopolis, Ihave not done violence (to any man). 4. Hail, Eater of shadows, who comest forth from theQerti, I have not thieved. 5. ** Hail, Stinking Face, who comest forth from Rastau,I have not slain man or woman. 9. Hail, Crusher of bones, who comest forth from Hensu,I have not lied. Nothing is known of the greater number of these Forty-two gods, but it is probable that they were local gods orspirits, each one representing a nome, whose names wereadded to the declarations with the view of makin





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