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The literature of the ancient Egyptians (1914) (14596052259)


The literature of the ancient Egyptians (1914) (14596052259)



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Title: The literature of the ancient Egyptians
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Budge, E. A. Wallis (Ernest Alfred Wallis), Sir, 1857-1934
Subjects: Egyptian literature -- History and criticism Egyptian literature English literature
Publisher: London : J.M. Dent & Sons limited
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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athers. Let thy heartin Semt-Ament * be content, for thy son Horus is estab-lished on thy throne. Thou art crowned lord of Tatu ^ andruler in Abydos.^ Through thee the world fiourisheth intriumph before the power of Nebertcher. He leadeth onthat which is and that which is not yet, in his name of* Taherstanef. He toweth along the earth by Maat ^ in hisname of Seker ; he is exceedingly mighty and mostterrible in his name of * Osiris ; he endureth for ever andever in his name of * Un-Nefer. Homage to thee, O Kingof kings. Lord of lords. Prince of princes, who from the wombof Nut hast ruled the world and Akert.® Thy body is(Uke) bright and shining metal, thy head is of azure blue, ^ The Sky-goddess. ^ The Earth-god. The hereditary chief of the gods. * The other world. ^ The town of Busiris on the Delta. • Abydos in Upper Egypt. The Lord to the uttermost limit, i.e. Almighty God.* The goddess of physical and moral law, and the personification of theconscience. A name of the Other World.
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c 3 C/) tJQ C (/5 ^ 0) ■t-l Q ■*- ^ f= ^ >> S: K rJ a ^ ^ rt f^ ^ ^ ^ 4-> CJ <4-C =C o !;. s in r£: Oi u en (U QJ ~. :^ o l-O o OJ c (U (/I •<-- r/ OJ r^ ■^^ T3 <U <3 J-I )-H rt trt •-V (U i^ bJO a, ?. .S < ^ tz ■^« t<. THE BOOK OF THE DEAD 45 and the brilliance of the turquoise encircleth thee. O thougod An of millions of years, whose body pervadeth all things,whose face is beautiful in Ta-Tchesert,^ grant thou to theKa of the Osiris the scribe Ani splendour in heaven, powerupon earth, and triumph in the Other World. Grant thatI may sail down to Tatu in the form of a living soul, andsail up to Abydos in the form of the Benu bird ; ^ thatI may go in and come out without being stopped at thepylons of the Lords of the Other World. May there begiven unto me bread-cakes in the house of coolness, andofferings of food in Anu (Heliopolis), and a homestead forever in Sekhet Aru,^ with wheat and barley therefor. In another Hymn to Osiris, whic





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