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The Last Bomb

The Last Bomb



[Stock Footage] ARC Identifier 65631 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-18486. Summary: Miscellaneous scenes showing B-29 maintenance scenes, planning room scenes showing plotting board and discussion of target area, Tokyo. Then shows formations of B-29s and P-51s, Japanese terrain, aerial combat with Japanese aircraft, B-29 dropping bomb loads and fighter aircraft strafing targets. (Shot list to follow.) 1) CU natives weaving baskets. 2) LS across airfield showing B-29 parked in hardstands. 3) MCU tug pulling two aircraft engines. 4) EXT CU mechanic working on aircraft. 5) CU mechanics working on aircraft engine. 6) EXT CU No. 2 engine starting. 7) CU No. 3 engine starting. 8) CU No. 4 engine starting. B-29. 9) INT shot showing instructor pointing to map. 10) Five men sitting around table; one officer gets up, goes to map, discussing point on map. Marking on chars: "Plan Room." C.O. rises to leave room, other officers rise when he does. Officer collects papers. (C.O. is Curtis E. LeMay).) 11) MCU three officers standing in back of table, all seated at once, discuss notes and notebooks. 12) CU notebook. 13) MS two maintenance men hauling bombs over to aircraft. 14) MS showing maintenance crew checking aircraft. 15) MGS on large plotting table with mission project marked with pins and ribbons. 16) Military man receives instructions on paper, climbs on table and moves some of the pins and ribbons. Target area is a map of Japan -- target, Tokyo. 17) LS planning board, planning progress and missions chart in bg. Two scenes in planning room showing officers receiving message over phone, relaying it to typist. Typist hands copy to officer who records it in log, then places it in chute. 18) ADS on B-29 in flight. 19) CU shovel picking up dirt. 20) LS long line of P-51s. 21) PS formation takeoff of two P-51s. 22) Aerial SV formation of four P-51s in flight, island in bg. 23) LS formation of B-29s, five aircraft in frame showing fighter escort. Approximately 24 fighter aircraft. 24) CU officer receiving reports over telephone relays message to man, he in turn marks position on chart. 25) ADS formation of six B-29s. 26) MS FV four P-51s in flight. 27) MS flare. 28) CU RV pilot looking through binoculars. 29) 3/4 RV four B-29s in flight. 30) Looking through greenhouse of B-29 showing Mt. Fujiyama. 31) ADS formation of thirteen B-29s. 32) ASV formation of seven B-29s in flight showing flak bursting around aircraft. 33) MS enemy aircraft being shot at. 34) Enemy aircraft making pass at camera ship. Repeat of same. 35) MLS showing burst of five magnesium bombs. Several shots of air battle. 36) GSAP shots on Japanese planes. 37) 3/4 SV MS P-51s in flight. 38) LS parachute descending to ground over tent area. 39) LS B-29 being ditched, two ships in bg. 40) CU plan room showing officer changing position of ship. 41) CU nose section of taxiing B-29. 42) CU man instructing pilot to park aircraft. 43) EXT LS crackup of B-29, fire engine and Red Cross truck rush out to meet crash. 44) EXT CU fire-fighting equipment in operation. 45) EXT CU loading wounded man on stretcher. 46) Night scene: Two aircraft burning; fire-fighting equipment. 47) CU fighting of fire. 48) GS B-29 passing overhead. 49) Aerial SV B-29 in flight. 50) CU taken from bomb bay, bombs away. 51) SV B-29 dropping bomb load. 52) Fighter plane making pass at camera ship. 53) Enemy aircraft making dive at U.S. plane, camera follows enemy aircraft. 54) Enemy aircraft explodes. Six hits. (This is GSAP film.) 55) CU pilot bails out. 56) CU two more hits. 57) GSAP aircraft making passes, strafing scenes -- strafing railroad yards, towns, villages; rocketing of train; strafing of storage buildings, which explode; strafing of airfield and parked aircraft; strafing of fishing boats in harbor; strafing of ship. Good (Basic: Orig Koda, 16mm) Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) Made possible by a donation from John and Paige Curran.

An atomic bomb and nuclear facilities images from the late 1940s and later.




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