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The Journal of experimental zoology (1905) (14780139575)


The Journal of experimental zoology (1905) (14780139575)



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Title: The Journal of experimental zoology
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Harrison, Ross G. (Ross Granville), 1870-1959 Brooks, William Keith, 1848-1908 Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology American Society of Zoologists
Subjects: Zoology
Publisher: (New York, etc.) Wiley-Liss (etc.)
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l6o Edivm G. Conklin. DeveloiMent of Right Blastomerl of the 2-Cell Stage; also of Right and Left Blastomeres OF the 4-Cell Stage. Figs. 19, 20. Same embryo as that shown in Figs. 13-18. Fig. 19. Right half of 46-cell stage,posterior view; the yellow crescent cells are not quite normal in position. Fig. 20. Right half of48-cell stage, dorsal view. The caudal endoderm cells (B- and B--) have been shoved away from themedian plane by the cell B^-^. Figs. 21,22. Fixed and stained preparations of half embryos in the 16-cell stage. Fig. 21. Righthalf embryo, posterior view. Fig. 22. Left half embryo, ventral-posterior view. Figs. 23, 24. Successive stages of one and the same half embryo, the left half having been injuredin the 4-cell stage, dorsal view. Fig. 23. Right half of i6-cell stage. Fig. 24. Right half of 32-cellstage. The cleavage is like the right half of a normal egg in every respect. Mosaic Development in Ascidian Eggs, l6l V





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