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The heart of Arabia, a record of travel and exploration (1922) (14792399953)


The heart of Arabia, a record of travel and exploration (1922) (14792399953)



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Title: The heart of Arabia, a record of travel and exploration
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Philby, H. St. J. B. (Harry St. John Bridger), 1885-1960
Subjects: Arabian Peninsula -- Description and travel
Publisher: London, Constable
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
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ds of the oasis. In Najd generally hasa isthe generic term for all rock or stone, the word hajar isseldom or never used and varieties of rock are distinguishedby colour rather than material formation ; thus red graniteis hasa ahmar, basalt, grey granite and volcanic rock are allhasa aswad, greenstone is hasa akhdhar, and so forth; as far asI remember, I never heard any specific name for any varietyof rock ; at the same time the average Baduwi is never ata loss for the name of a plant ; as he rides, his eyes areever on the ground, seeking fodder for his mount and signsof possible foes, and at sight of a clump or tuft of anyfavourite herb off he goes—his whole wealth and his onlycare is the camel he rides, and he is happy if it has food,though he be without himself. ^ Al Jahiliyya or The Ignorance in orthodox Islam means the periodprior to the appearance of the Prophet, but in Wahhabi jargon it is moreoften used to denote the period preceding the appearance of Muhammadibn Abdulwahhab.
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y. c X THE THRESHOLD OF ARABIA 27 Hufuf, with its reputed 6000 houses and probably notfar short of 30,000 inhabitants, is by far the biggest townin the dominions of Ibn Saud; roughly oblong in shape andcompletely enclosed by a wall of unequal height, built oflocally quarried limestone blocks, mud-plastered in parts,the town lies roughly N.W. by S.E. and falls into three well-marked divisions: the Kut, the Rifa* and the Naathilquarters, to which may be added the extra-mural suburbof Sahhiyya ; the western wall, closely fenced about withpalm-groves, has no regular gate and was in parts in adilajDidated condition and perforated by unauthorised shortcuts into the gardens ; the southern wall has a single gate,the Bab Najd, the channel of all traffic to and from theinterior ; the eastern wall is pierced by two gates, the BabSahhiyya, on the road leading from Taraf in the easternoasis and passing through the suburb whose name it takes,and the Bab Jisha, by which we, like all travellers from





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