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The Gardeners' chronicle - a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects (1877) (14597827228)


The Gardeners' chronicle - a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects (1877) (14597827228)



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Title: The Gardeners' chronicle : a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Subjects: Ornamental horticulture Horticulture Plants, Ornamental Gardening
Publisher: London : (Gardeners Chronicle)
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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eath is agenus of fungi, and * Forkia is a genus shortly tobaestablished. The cuneiform inscription indicates thecharacter of the fungoid octopus and the Coloradobeetle at Hereford. The porcine quadruped on theleft points to Dr. Robert Hogg, who has published a time to the * veal which at an early period clothesthe bones of all oxen. Magnus refers to Dr.Magnus, of Berlin, the fungologist. The greatness ofthis authors name has expelled the cork from thebottle. Bad-ham, on the dried pigs leg, refers toDr. Badham, who wrote the Esculent Funguses ofEngland; whilst the mole hanging head downwardsindicates the miserable condition of Mr. Lees molartheory, which referred the formation of faiiy rings tothe underground gyrations of the mole. Hygro-phorus (the Water Bearer) is the name of a largegenus of watery fungi; and the Myxomycetes are alarge group of iungi(now attracting peculiar attention.Phallus is a genus of fungi, which does service herein indicating that there is no fallacy as to the
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FW. 90. —THli WOOLHOlE CLUB MENU. book on fungi, and the inscription Non Sow.!indicates that he is not to be confounded with Sowerby.The umbrella handle and great knife on the left alwaysappear at the Hereford meetings : they belong to Mr.Plowright, the famous surgeon and fungologist ofKings Lynn. The wine bottle bears the name of therenowned wine merchants of Rood Lane, who supplyso many fungus eaters with their (as pronounced afterdinner) Spbx-ria champlgn. Sphreria is an immensegenus of fungi, and champign is Champignonwith its tail off. On the right we have Dr. Bull,the pTiysician of Hereford,supporting Cornu (Latinfor Dr. Bulls Horn of Plenty). M. Max Cornu, ofParis, is one of the highest living authorities on fungi,and was a guest at Hereford. The chains and ropesornamenting the bovine nose indicate the power andirrepressible energy of Dr. Bull. LeveiUe is thename of a great fungus author, and refers at the same quality of the wine consumed. Some fungi bearspiral cork-screw-li

Gardeners' Chronicle was a journal of gardening and horticulture published in London in the 19th and 20th centuries. Gardeners' Chronicle began in 1841. New series began in 1874 and 1887. No issue or contribution copyright renewals were found for this serial. (More details) The name varied somewhat as it absorbed other serials and started new series, but it continued on until 1976, when it was absorbed by Horticulture Week.





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