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The Forfar Directory and Yearbook 1905 (1905) (14758329116)


The Forfar Directory and Yearbook 1905 (1905) (14758329116)



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Title: The Forfar Directory and Yearbook 1905
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Publisher: W. Shepherd, Castle St, Forfar
Contributing Library: Angus Council
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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HEY BOTH WENT RIGHT OVER THE CLIFF (From The Penny Magazine.) / PRACTICAL JOURNALS. ^ Work. The Illustrated Journal of Handicrafts. Weekly, id. ; / Monthly, 6d. 7 There is not a person who could not learn from Work how in a short time V to make a living.—Saturday Review. V) Building World. The Illustrated Journal for the Building Trades. \> Weekly, Id.; Monthly, 6d. S) Of great value. Every aspect and interest of the trade seems catered for.— (^ Scotsman. k The Gardener. A Weekly Journal for all who Cultivate Flowers, (\ Fruit, and Vegetables. Weekly, Id. ^, An admirable journal for lovers of the garden.~3^. Jamess Gazette. )( CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Lotidon; Paris, Neiu York &^ Melbourne. -4- 4- t The Best Magazine for Sunday and General Reading. M. w/f^ o^mC/cf/ for November, price 6d., formsthe First Part of a New Volume, and containsthe opening chapters of t^vo new Serial Stories— The Sword of Gideon, ^^ B^uRTON.^and^^^The Sea Between, By amy le feuvre. <5)
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The Christmas No. (being the December issue, price Is.) contains a Complete Storj-of One Volume length by VIOLET GUTTENBERG, entitled RABEI PHIL,and a Series of Exquisite Studies of THE CHILDREN OF THE BIBLE, repro-duced in Colours from Drawings by W. H. Margetson.With this Part is presented a large Rembrandt Photogravure (size i8 in. by 13 in.) of John Lomaxs touching Picture, TO BRING THE ROSES BACK.CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, London; Paris, New York & Melbourne.





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the forfar directory and yearbook 1905
the forfar directory and yearbook 1905