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The first to bound upon the deck


The first to bound upon the deck



Illustration from the 1921 edition of Moral Emblems and Other Poems. This woodcut was made by Stevenson in 1881 during his stay in Davos, in Switzerland, with his wife Fanny and her twelve years old son Lloyd Osbourne, to illustrate Moral Emblems. Ninety copies were printed by Lloyd Osbourne on a toy printing press and sold at six pence each.

Lloyd Osbourne (1868–1947) was born in San Francisco, California on April 7, 1868, Samuel Lloyd Osbourne was the first son of Fanny and Samuel Osbourne and spent his youth growing up in Oakland. At the age of seven, Sammy (as he was then known) and his traveled to Europe with his mother, sister, and younger brother, eventually settling in Paris. After the death of his younger brother, Hervey, in 1876 the family moved to Grez-sur-Loing where they met Robert Louis Stevenson (whom he nicknamed “Luly”).





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