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The Coronation of King Edward VII


The Coronation of King Edward VII



The moment depicted is when the Archbishop of Canterbury, with arms lifted is about to place the Imperial Crown on the head of Edward VII, who is seated, clothed in robes of State, in the Coronation chair. Princes and peers raise their coronets and lead the shout ‘God Save the King’. Beside the King stands the Bishop of Bath and Wells, behind whom

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852–1911) American painter and one of the foremost illustrators of his day. While working as an illustrator for the publishing house of Harper and Brothers, New York City, Abbey began to create illustrations for the poems of Robert Herrick in 1874. He went on to create illustrations for some of the works of Oliver Goldsmith and William Shakespeare. He moved to England in 1878, where he would remain for the rest of his life.





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