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The Chap-book; semi-monthly (1894) (14595650437)


The Chap-book; semi-monthly (1894) (14595650437)



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Title: The Chap-book; semi-monthly
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Publisher: Chicago : Stone and Kimball
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

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usband groans and covers his face with his hands andthe wife, leaving the touching little story she is writing— she mails this about 11 a. m. and it produces a pub-lisher and $500 before 12:30 — comforts him by flop-ping suddenly over his shoulder. ** Courage,* she says,stroking his hyacinthine locks (whereas all real literarymen are either gray or bald). Sometimes, as in ** OurFlat, comic tradesmen interrupt the course of true lite-rature with their ignoble desires for cash payments,and sometimes, as in Our Boys,* uncles come andweep at the infinite pathos of a bad breakfast egg. Butits always a very sordid, dusty, lump-in-your-throatyaffair, and no doubt it conduces to morality by deterringthe young and impressionable from literary vices. Forsurely it is better — if only as a relief to the congestedliterary market — that people should cling to the oldtheory and not put their trust too rashly in this last andmost misleading of the Tennysonian Idylls. E CHAP-BOOKS CARICATURES.
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\ MAX BEERBOHM—By Himself,iber 75. iSqb. ANNOUNCEMENTS IX The Chap-Book SEMI-MONTHLY HERBERT STUART STONE, EDITORHARRISON G. RHODES, ASSISTANT SUBSCRIPTION : TWO DOLLARS A YEAR. THE TRADESUPPLIED BY THE AMERICAN NEWS COMPANY ANDITS BRANCHES. ADVERTISING RATES TO BE HADON APPLICATION. THE CHAP-BOOK, CHICAGO. Entered at the Chicago Post Office as Second Class Matter, Verlaine Monument Fund It is proposed to erect in Paris a bust of thedead poet, the money to be raised by an inter-national subscription. The Chap-Book is theAmerican representative of the committee, andsolicits the aid of the friends of Verlaine and hiswork. Cheques should be addressed to THE CHAP-BOOK, CHICAGO.Their receipt will be acknowledged on this page. THE CHAP-BOOK The Size of each colored plate in*SPOKTis oboul 18 by 24 Inches vSPOFLT: or riSH INOAND SHOOTI NG edited b^ A C &OULDand illustrotect witk riFTElEIM BRADLEEWHIDDEN.PUBLISHER. 18 ARCH ST.BOSTON.~MASS^——. mABmnctHT colored plates er Coh -i:-—^/





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