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The Chap-book; semi-monthly (1894) (14595450268)


The Chap-book; semi-monthly (1894) (14595450268)



Identifier: chapbooksemimont05chic (find matches)
Title: The Chap-book; semi-monthly
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Publisher: Chicago : Stone and Kimball
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

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Captain Joycelyn had made a proposal ofmarriage to me, which I accepted.* Good creature, what has that to do with me ? asked Peggy. ** Captain Joycelyn certainly said nothingto me on that particular subject last night, and whyshould you do so now ? **I am desirous of playing a fair game, madam,**cried Miss Hoppner. *And I am not desirous of playing any game, fair orotherwise,* said Peggy. **Lord ! Miss Hoppner, doyou fancy tis my duty to prevent the straying of thelovers of the ladies of Mr. Garricks company ? Ivow I took upon me no such responsibility. I shouldhave no time for my meals. The woman whom she addressed looked at her withflashing eyes, her hands tightly clenched, and her teethset, for some moments. Once her lips parted: sheseemed about to speak ; but with an evident struggle sherestrained herself. Then the fierce light in her eyesflamed into scorn. <* Words were wasted on such a creature, she saidin a whisper that had something of a hiss in its tone, asshe walked away.
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F. FRANKFORT MOORE 167 Peggy laughed somewhat stridently and cried : ** Excellently spoke, beyond doubt. The woman willbe an actress yet. Not a word of complaint had Garrick reason for utter-ing in regard to the rehearsal of the scene in the tragedythis day, and on the way homewards he remarked toPeggy, smilingly : ** Perhaps in the future, my dear Peggy, you will ac-knowledge that I know something of the art and methodsof acting, though you did not hesitate to join with Mr.Johnson in calling my theories fantastic. ** Perhaps I may, said Peggy, quietly; * but justnow I protest I have some qualms. ** Qualms? Qualms? An actress with qualms!cried Garrick. ** What a comedy could be written onthat basis ! The actress with qualms, or letting * I darenot * wait upon * I would ! * Pray, madam, do yourqualms arise from the reflection that you have contributedto the success of a sister actress ? * * **The tragedy has not yet been played, said Peggy.** T were best not to talk of the success of a





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