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The Chap-book; semi-monthly (1894) (14595445420)


The Chap-book; semi-monthly (1894) (14595445420)



Identifier: chapbooksemimont05chic (find matches)
Title: The Chap-book; semi-monthly
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Publisher: Chicago : Stone and Kimball
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

Text Appearing Before Image:
AN OLD WOMAN IN HER GARDE n I lay your crimson petals, rose.Against my withered cheek.With every fitful wind that blowsI feel them warm and sleekPat softly there like baby handsThat know not what they seek. I am so old and lonely, rose; The greedy years have fled. Rich freighted with my joys and woesTill grief itself is dead;And though I feel soft, clinging hands,I have no tears to shed.
Text Appearing After Image:
^>^:> m II The lilies slim and whiteBend low their simple faces.Each stainless heart is bright —A dewdrop leaves no traces.I knew a girl as fair and slightAnd innocent of wrong and right. Her body young and shy Felt not its own perfection. Each sofdy-lidded eye She closed in pure reflection. She dreamed of life, till love drew nigh.She woke to live and love and die. Oh lily-buds unhirl And show your hearts of fire! Lift up your lips of pearl And taste fulfilled desire. This thin gray lock was once a curl; This barren heart beat in a girl. ^^fcs- Ill How can I wish for anything ?The ripened dandelions swingAbout me in a fairy ring. A breath would wing my wish as farToward wonderland as yonder star. What shall I wish for ? Swooping lowThe wizard bat has bid me, **blow!And wish a wish of long ago.* Old bat, how weird-J and wise youB. Edwards. 512 PUNISHMENTS OF BYGONE DAYS CURIOUS PUNISHMENTS OFBYGON E DAYS Punishments of Authors and Books THE punishments of authors deserve a sep





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