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ARC Identifier 65873 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-19319. Summary: Shows Lighter-than-air aircraft, ground and air shots illustrating activities and educational opportunities of students in this branch of the U.S. Air Service. The schoois are located at Ross Field, California, Port Omaha, Nebraska, Brooks Fieid, Texas and Langley Field, Virginia. Shows observation balloon, the giant zeppelin, ZDUS-1, the C-2 airship, and the German dirigible BODENSEE. Shows also aerial down shots of Washington and environs. AT PORT OMAHA, NEBRASKA, THE STUDENTS, IN ADDITION TO OTHER DUTIES, LEARN HOW TO FILL BALLOONS. THERE ARE A NUMBER RECENTLY BUILT UNDERGOING TRIALS. Reel 1: 1) P5 several balloons being inflated. 2) PS same area showing balloons being inflated. 3) AS several balloons completely inflated hanging suspended over crowd. 4) PS eight balloons about to be launched in flight. 5) LS one of the balloons rising. 6) NEXT HE PROCEEDS TO ROSS FIELD, ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA. HERE HE STUDIES THE INTRICATE PROBLEM OF BUILDING AND MAEUVERING THE OBSERVATION BALLOON. 6) MS interior storage shed showing observation balloon being moved out of same by students. 7) MS observation balloon on ground, men circling same holding on to rope used to hold balloon to ground. 8) CS men attaching basket to underside of balloon. 9) CS gasoline-driven wench releasing wire; balloon starts to rise. 10) PS as balloon rises. 11) LS parachuties jumping from same. WHEN HE ARRIVES AT THE AIRSHIP SBHOOL, LANGLEY FIELD, HAMPTON, VIRGINIA, AND SEES THE GIANT ZDUS-1 HE GETS A REAL THRILL. 12) Aerial scenes taken from aboard Zeppelin in flight showing one crew member walking out on narrow ramp, checking gas level on engine of the airship -- two other men take 5-gallon can out of same area and pour gas into the engine -- propeller wash whipping clothing of the men. One of the men climbs down below engine level, hanging onto thin wire support -- checks engine while in flight Large city below. THE STUDENT IS ALWAYS ATTRACTED BY THE IMMENSE SHADOW CAST UPON THE GROUND AND INCIDENTLY LEARNS SOMETHING ABOUT PERSPECTIVES. NOTE THE AIRSHIP C-2 ANCHORED ON THE GROUND. 13) ADS shadow of airship passing over flat terrain, large airship anchored below. THE AIRSHIP C-2 ACTS AS ESCORT AND A COMPARISON IS MADE WITH THE SPEEDY ZDUS-1. 14) Aerial scenes taken from the ZDUS-1 of the C-2 in flight. 15) PS taken from C-2 showing fast flight of the ZDUS-1 as it overtakes the C-2. 16) AS of the ZDUS-1 in flight over river and land ACROSS THE RIPENING FIELD AMIDST THE OCTOBER COUNTRYSIDE OF GLORIOUS VIRGINIA, THE AIRSHIP SPEEDS ON. A SYMBOL OP PROGRESS LINKED TO THE EARTH LIKE THE MIGHTY LINER AT SEAL. ONLY BY THE INVISIBLE BOND -- THE WIRELESS TELEPHONE. THE STUDENT OPERATOR CHATS AT WILL WITH WASHINGTON AND LANGLEY FIELD AND ALSO RECEIVED THE LATEST NEWS DISPATCHES FROM ARLINGTON. THE WORLD SHRINKS INDEED. 17) CS interior cabin compartment of ZDUS-1 showing crew members at various stations, communication operator equipment. WHEN NOON TIME ROLLS AROUND, THE CHEF-SERVES BACON, EGGS, AND POTATOES COOKED ON A STOVE BUILD OVER THE EXHAUST PIPE. 18) ACS person in flying clothes standing in small compartment to rear of airship engine, removes pan of water from side section, holds same upon edge of engine and pours the water from the boiled potatoes JUST LIKE MOTHER USED TO MAKE. 19) CU interior cabin compartment of the airship showing men eating sandwiches and boiled eggs. ARRIVING AT THE GATES OF WASHINGTON, MILITARY PROBLEMS ARE ASSIGNED TO EACH MAN. THE OPEN RAILROAD DRAW BRIDGE CROSSING POTOMAC AND ALONG BRIDGE ARE CHARTED ACCURATELY UPON THE MAP. 20) Aerial views of the two bridges and Washington, D.C. taken from airship. CIRCLING THE CITY AND STUDYING THE SURROUNDING TOPOGRAPHY. 21) ALS airship in flight over capitol building, Washingon, D.C. Small aircraft in distant bg flies by. 22) ACS of the ZDUS-1 in flight, over Washington. 23) ADS of same directly over capitol building. MAN CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT WONDERFUL WORK NATURE PERFORMS IN MOLDING TOGETHER THE EARTH UNTIL HE GAZES UPON IT FROM THE AIR. [...] Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) Made possible by a donation from John and Paige Curran.





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