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The book of British ballads (1842) (14782497232)


The book of British ballads (1842) (14782497232)



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Title: The book of British ballads
Year: 1842 (1840s)
Authors: Hall, S. C. (Samuel Carter), 1800-1889
Subjects: Ballads, English
Publisher: London : J. How
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
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use it has reference to no express local tradition. Thestanzas which close the tale are full of solemn grandeur; seldom has a more impressivepicture been exhibited in lines so few : — There is a nun in Dryburgh bower,Neer looks upon the sun ;There is a monk in Melrose tower,He speaketh word to none. That nun, who neer beholds the day,That monk, who speaks to none —That nun was Smaylhomes Lady gay,That monk the bold Baron. * The spot on which the battle was fought is called Lilyards Edge, from an AmazonianScottish woman of that name, who is reported, by tradition, to have distinguished herself in the samemanner as Squire Witherington. The old people point out her monument, now broken and defaced.The inscription is said to have been legible within this century, and to have run thus : Fair maiden Lylliard lies under this stane,Little was her stature, but great was her fame ;Upon the English louns she laid mony thumps,And, when her legs were cutted off, she fought upon her stumps. 284
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To lift the Scottish spear. h\ brausjjn sc.





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the book of british ballads 1842
the book of british ballads 1842