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The Biological bulletin (20379338995)


The Biological bulletin (20379338995)



Title: The Biological bulletin
Identifier: biologicalbullet197mari (find matches)
Year: [1] (s)
Authors: Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass. ); Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass. ). Annual report 1907/08-1952; Lillie, Frank Rattray, 1870-1947; Moore, Carl Richard, 1892-; Redfield, Alfred Clarence, 1890-1983
Subjects: Biology; Zoology; Biology; Marine Biology
Publisher: Woods Hole, Mass. : Marine Biological Laboratory
Contributing Library: MBLWHOI Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MBLWHOI Library

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168 L. F. GAINEY. JR. ET AL.
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Figure 7. Frontal-sections through the gill of Mcrccnurui nwrcciiaria. (A) SCP-related immunoreactivity occurs within varicose neural fibers in the interkimellar septa. (B-D) Innervation of the gill filaments that hear the ciliary tracts. Thin, sparse fibers (small arrows) can be followed from the base of the filament (B). to the level of the lateral cilia (C). and occasionally to the distal end of the filament below the frontal and laterofrontal cilia (D). Cell bodies (large arrowheads) are usually (?..<;.. B), but not always (C), found proximal to the filaments. Abbreviations: fc, frontal cilia; Ic. lateral cilia; Ifc. laterofrontal cilia.





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the biological bulletin
the biological bulletin