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The astrologer of the nineteenth century (1825) (14763662425)


The astrologer of the nineteenth century (1825) (14763662425)



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Title: The astrologer of the nineteenth century
Year: 1825 (1820s)
Authors: Raphael, pseud., 1795-1832 Anglicus, Merlinus, junior, Gent
Subjects: Astrology Occultism
Publisher: London : Knight & Lacey
Contributing Library: Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

Text Appearing Before Image:
mand thee, 0 thou mightyand invincible spirit ©gin, by these most high, powerful, and ineffable names of the most highest h testis -+- jFott0 + ©abator + 3Ebri0tU0 •f €>abaoti> + atJonag + ©raton + ^eesias + Victor + HDaanna -+•jftajarenwj + 2H;ea0 -f (Emmanuel -f &ni$tnitu8 + IPrimogemtue -h2Ipi)3 -;- et Sftmeua -f Q^d by the great, supreme, and all-powerful nameT\~\r)b, which all creatures obey, at which the elements are moved, andthe devils fear and tremble. By all these tremendous and awful names,1 charge thee, finally, to appear before me. Fiat, fiat, fiat. Amen. 220 THE ASTUOLuGEIl OF THE Xi.NETEE^TH CENTURY. These things being rightly performed, with a rushing sound, ** asof many waters, and a tremendous noise, will the spirit appear, andby powerful invocations thou shalt obtain what thou wishest. Butlet thy proceedings herein be secret, and beware of vain curiosity; forthese mysteries are sacred. ILLUSTRATION, No. XX.FORM IN WHICH THE SPIRIT OBERION APPEARS.
Text Appearing After Image:
CIRCLE III.—SECT. XIII. TO INVOKE OR RAISE THE SPIRIT (fDtmOlt. * Thismighty spirit is chiefly under the dominion of the sun andmoon, rle appears in great pomp and terror, generally in the form * From an ancient M>. in the possession ol l< Rafhfiel. MAGIC CERF.MOXIKS, &C. 221 of a scaly monster, the face of a woman, and a royal crown upon hishead, attended by innumerable and countless legions. The Theurgist who would raise or invocate this powerful spiritmust, in the first place, draw out his seal and character, and the dif-ferent offices subservient to him, in the first Monday after the fullmoon, and in the hour of the fl^oort, fl$ar0, ^Pcrcurp, or Saturn: andwhen these are made, he must repeat the following ceremonialwords :— O ye angels of the 0un and moon, I now conjure and pray you, andexorcise you, that by the virtue and power of the most high God, SUpfrSand H&mecja, and by the name that is marvellous + (fcl + , and by himthat made and formed you, and by these





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the astrologer of the nineteenth century 1825
the astrologer of the nineteenth century 1825