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The American florist - a weekly journal for the trade (1912) (14801822073)


The American florist - a weekly journal for the trade (1912) (14801822073)



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Title: The American florist : a weekly journal for the trade
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Authors: American Florists Company
Subjects: Floriculture Florists
Publisher: Chicago : American Florist Company
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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nowdrift and Thisbe. Theorange-scarlets included Titus, LausVeneris, Gereant, Phoebus and Pirate.The deep crimson reds were renderedconspicuous by such kinds as Shylock,Robin Hood, Hermes, King Arthur andChameleon. In addition to these thewhite grounds barred and featheredwith crimson were represented byApollo, Pretty Polly, Flamingo, Snow-drift and Castor. Kerr & Sons group contained Perse-phone, white ground with carmineveins; Empress, deep velvety crimson;Fire King, crimson scarlet; Interna-tional, orange-scarlet, flushed with vio-let; and Magenta Queen, with mag-enta sheen over the crimson ground. The most noticeable kinds in Bull &Sons group were King George, deepcrimson; Harmony, crushed strawber-ry, and the Pearl, white, shaded withgreen. Mr. Kenricks collection wasunnamed. J. Veitch & Sons group was remark-able for its substance and brilliance,and was chiefly of the deep crimsontints. It formed part of a mixed col-lection. igi2. The American Florist. 1179 EA5T GATE
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1180 The American Florist. /une 8, As might be expected at the time ofyear, crotons made a good figure, andFisher, Son & Sibray, of Sheffield didthemselves justice in a fine group of200 square feet. Some of the newerkinds included Heathipendula, Duke ofPortland (one of the best yellows),Countess of Donoughmore, and a sportfrom the older Victoria. J. Veltch &Sons also exhibited these plants in amixed collection. Caladiums were shown principally byJ. Peed & Sons. Norwood, who arefamous for this class of aroid and arealways to be relied upon to make agood show. One variety (SilverQueen) attracted attention by its largesilvery leaves, which were faintlyedged with red. • W. THE RETAIL TRADE Conducted by Bobt. Kilt, Philadelphia, Fa. A Dallas Decoration. The elaborate decorations at theColiseum, Dallas, Texas, May 31, onthe occasion of the convention of theAssociated Advertising Clubs of Amer-ica, were carried out very effectively,as shown in the illustrations herewith,by the





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