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The American annual of photography (1911) (14780997754)


The American annual of photography (1911) (14780997754)



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Title: The American annual of photography
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Subjects: Photography
Publisher: New York : Tennant and Ward
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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A WET STREET. H. H. BROOK. Field CameraBarnet, July. 9:30 P. M. F.8., Rodinal Dev. Exp. 3Extra Rapid Ortho. Plate. Halation, and too dense high Hghts may be somewhat re-duced by friction by using a flat cork, covered with a piece ofcambric moistened with methylated spirit, or one part olive oil,two parts Globe Polish, or the rag can be moistened withShino metal polish. Rub lightly and in every direction overthe parts it is desired to reduce. Will the reader please note the data of the illustrations, andif the 1910 Annual is at hand, on pages 240, 244 and 247 willbe found other prints of interest. Page 240 Night on Water,No. 2 Brownie Exp. 10 minutes. Dev. Rodinal, March 9.30p.m. Page 244, Lights of the City, Field Camera, Gladiatorplate. Exp. 10 minutes F.8. Dev. Rodinal, November 8.30 p.m. Page 247 Field Camera Gladiator plate, Exp. 10 min-utes, at F.8, February 8 p.m.





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