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The American annual of photography (1911) (14596716080)


The American annual of photography (1911) (14596716080)



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Title: The American annual of photography
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Subjects: Photography
Publisher: New York : Tennant and Ward
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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o write what they have in this line foundto be practical and easily managed. System—the keynote of any business or action—covers suchan enormous field that if one is not careful to prune cleanly, itmay prove more of a bugbear than a help. The day is farpast for the owner of any business to hope for success unlesshe has definite ideas of how to secure business, hold it, and amethod of work that will help him to advance it and showclearly where he stands. Having a definite idea of the line I was about to follow,and possessing a list of prospective customers and friends in-terested in photography, my first step was to arrange thesenames in order and purchase two card index files—No. iprospective, No. 2 actual. This work having been completed,using a typewriter and linen ledger sheets 3x5 for the pur-pose, I became acquainted with the fact that I knew of about1,200 persons interested in my line, and that my best effortsmust be employed to shift the sheets from Box No. i into Box 206
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No. 2. Others who came to me through actual work, orrecommendation, were treated accordingly. Note. This idea has outgrown its usefulness for Box No. 2,and these have been transferred into a loose leaf book—properly arranged for quick handling and reference—promptedby a better advertising campaign. The start being made I proceeded to send out announce-ments and postal cards of original character directing atten-tion to my special work—Bromides, framing, copying—lanternslides, etc., and before long the contents of Box No. i weregradually finding place in Box No. 2. A good-sized order register now proved useful, and as thisis the original entry it serves a two-fold purpose, as I shallexplain. Under proper date and consecutive number, thename and address was entered—what the customer owned(films, plates, negatives, etc.) or desired done (article photo-graphed for cut) or (building to be photographed). As theseitems are more or less but a guide—no special details needbe entere





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the american annual of photography 1911