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Tesvisio's cameraman at work

Tesvisio's cameraman at work



Tesvisio, 1957-1965, the first television channel in Finland. Cameraman Matti Hämäläinen at work in the television studio...Finnish Broadcasting Company bought Tamvisio in 1964 and Tesvisio in 1965 and together the channels merged as Yle TV2. ..Tesvision kameramies Matti Hämäläinen kuvaamassa studiolla...Tiedätkö jotain tästä kuvasta? Jätä kommentti tai ota yhteyttä sähköpostitse: [email protected] Ylen arkistosisältöihin: www.yle.fi/elavaarkisto ( http://www.yle.fi/elavaarkisto ) ..Fler skatter från Yles arkiv: svenska.yle.fi/arkivet ( http://svenska.yle.fi/arkivet ) ..More about Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company: yle.fi/yleisradio/about-yle/this-is-yle ( http://yle.fi/yleisradio/about-yle/this-is-yle )

Yleisradio Oy (Finnish), also known as Rundradion (Swedish) or the Finnish Broadcasting Company (English), abbreviated to Yle (pronounced /yle/; previously stylised as YLE before March 2012 corporate rebrand), is Finland's national public-broadcasting company, founded in 1926. It is a public limited company which is owned by the Finnish state, employs around 3,200 people in Finland. Finnish Broadcasting Company was able to transmit and show films on a television set in 1950s.



1930 - 1960


5, Nyhetsgatan, Helsingfors, Helsinki, Finland, 0024060.20399, 24.92132
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