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Symbol and satire in the French Revolution (1912) (14803059703)


Symbol and satire in the French Revolution (1912) (14803059703)



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Title: Symbol and satire in the French Revolution
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Henderson, Ernest F. (Ernest Flagg), 1861-1928
Subjects: Caricatures and cartoons
Publisher: New York, London, G.P. Putnam's Sons
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Plate 158. An emblem of the Reign of Terror. There is tobe no mean between Liberty and Death. harangues like this in the Convention: No morequarter, no more mercy for traitors—(simultan-eous cries from all parts of the hall of No! No!)If we do not get ahead of them they will getahead of us. Let us cast between them and usthe barrier of Eternity . . . The day of justiceand of wrath has come. Billaud-Varennes moved the establishment of a
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Plate 159. A representation of Liberty and her great martyrs, Lepelletier,Marat, and Chalier, whose deaths cry for vengeance. 373 374 The French Revolution Revolutionary army, and Danton, in supportinghim, called for bi-weekly assemblies of the sectionsof Paris, each person attending^ to be given fortysous a day and a hundred million francs beingappropriated to supply these citizens with arms—■measures which were immediately passed. TheRevolutionary committees were given power toissue warrants of arrest, as well as to make domi-ciliary visits and seize what weapons they mightfind. The satellites of tyrants (cried the spokesman of a Ja-cobin deputation on September 6th), the ferocious islanders,the tyrants of the North who spread devastation amongus, are less to be feared than the traitors who disquiet uswithin, who sow discord, who arm us one against theother. . . . It is time that Equality wield her scythe aboveall heads. It is time to frighten all conspirators. Yes,Legislators,





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