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Stories (1922) (14768364401) - Public domain book illustration


Stories (1922) (14768364401) - Public domain book illustration



Identifier: stories_00mole (find matches)
Title: Stories
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Molesworth, Mrs., 1839-1921 Baldwin, Sidney Cooke, Edna, ill
Publisher: New York : Duffield and company
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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ages than I have timeto write, or than you, kind little girls that you are, would havepatience to read. I must hasten on to tell you how it came topass that this queer fancy of Louisas was discovered by otherpeople. One morning when she was sitting quietly, as usual, beside her mother, a friend of Mrs. no, we need not tell her name, I should like you best just to think of her as Louisas mamma•—well then, a friend of Louisas mamma came to call. Shewas a lady who lived in the country several miles away fromSmokytown, but she was very fond of Louisas mamma, andwhenever she had to come to Smokytown to shop, or anything ofthat kind, perhaps to take her little girl (for she too had a littlegirl as you shall hear) to the dentists, she always came earlyto call on her friend. Louisas mamma jumped up at once, whenthe servant threw open the door and announced the lady byname, and then they kissed each other, and then Louisas mammastooped down and kissed the ladys little girl who was standing
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©BY DUFFIELD a COMPANY No sooner was she seated than off flew the work box, away, away. THE REEL FAIRIES 305 beside her, but Louisa sat so quietly at her corner of the table,that for a minute or two no one noticed her. She was just think-ing if she could manage to creep down under the table andslip away out of the room without being seen, when her mammacalled her. Louisa, my dear, she said, come here and speak to Mrs.Gordon and to Frances. You remember Frances, dont you, dear? Louisa got down slowly off her chair and came to her mamma.She stood looking at Frances for a minute or two withoutspeaking. Dont you remember Frances? said her mamma again. No, said Louisa at last, I dont think I do. Then sheturned away as if she were going back to her place at the table.Her mamma looked vexed. Poor little thing, said Mrs. Gordon, she is only rathershy. Frances, you must make friends with her. Louisa, I am not pleased with you, said her mammagravely, and then she went on talking to Mrs. Gordon





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