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Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Afb ANWE00203000007


Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Afb ANWE00203000007



Nederlands: Beschrijving Auto met houtgasgenerator in verband met de benzineschaarste, voor Garage Zuidwyk, Michelangelostraat 103
Documenttype foto
Vervaardiger Onbekend
Collectie Collectie Stadsarchief Amsterdam: foto-afdrukken
Datering 1943
Geografische naam Michelangelostraat
Inventarissen -10003

Afbeeldingsbestand ANWE00203000007

We at GetArchive are exploring new methods of image metadata augmentation and verification. Our goal is to make it possible to find images on any topic. In particular, we are trying to verify and fix historic periodization. This collection is made of historic photographs of automobiles that look as if they were taken in the 1940s. The collection is made with aid of a neural image recognition network dealing with the whole image composition rather than with the car model - some cars may be dated incorrectly. Although, while this method is surprisingly good for the purpose of dating and tagging, a certain percentage of images (less than 8%) may not represent automobile, but other vehicle type or visually similar object. Naturally, our next step should be creating numerous datasets for a particular car years&models, but as of September 2022, we found no use to justify the effort.





Stadsarchief Amsterdam

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