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St. Pétersbourg. Palais d'Hiver view, photochrome print postcard.


St. Pétersbourg. Palais d'Hiver view, photochrome print postcard.



Title from item.
Title in General-Photochrom-Katalog, 30. Ausgabe 1911. Photoglob-Abteilung der Vereinigten Kunstanstalten, A.G. Zürich München, 1911: "Russland - Russie. St. Pétersbourg. Palais d'Hiver."
Not found in: Detroit Publishing Co., Catalogue J foreign section, Detroit, Mich. : Detroit Publishing Company, 1905.
Print no. "9019. P.Z."
Title is also in Russian on item.
Purchase; Detroit Publishing Company; 1906; 42865.
Item removed from FOREIGN GEOG FILE - Russia St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Winter Palace in 2017.
Also known as the Winter Palace.
More information about the Photochrom Print Collection is available at
Forms part of: Photochrom Print Collection.

The Detroit Publishing Company was started by publisher William A. Livingstone and photographer Edwin H. Husher. ln 1905 that the company called itself the Detroit Publishing Company. The best-known photographer for the company was William Henry Jackson, who joined the company in 1897. The company acquired exclusive rights to use a form of photography processing called Photochrom. Photochrom allowed for the company to mass-market postcards and other materials in color. We at GetArchive are admirers of their exceptional high-resolution scans of glass negatives collection from the Library of Congress. By the time of World War I, the company faced declining sales both due to the war economy and the competition from cheaper, more advanced printing methods. The company declared bankruptcy in 1924 and was liquidated in 1932.







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