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St. Nicholas (serial) (1873) (14770657212)


St. Nicholas (serial) (1873) (14770657212)



Identifier: stnicholasserial81dodg (find matches)
Title: St. Nicholas (serial)
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Subjects: Children's literature
Publisher: (New York : Scribner & Co.)
Contributing Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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shall it be peace, or war? 352 DISPATCH TO FAIRY-LAND. (March, A DISPATCH TOFAIRY-LAND. By Helen K. Spofford. CONNECT me with Fairy-land please, pretty Vine,pS\ With the Fairj- Queens palace of pearl, And ask if her Highness will hear through your lineA discouraged and sad little girl. 0 Queen, I m so grieved cause my dolly wont play,And so tired of pretending it all ! 1 must walk for her, talk for her, be her all day,While she sits still and stares at the wall. Her house is so pretty, with six little rooms,d it has truly windows and doors,stairs to go up, and nice carpets, and brooms—r I do the sweeping, of course. There s a tea-set, and furniture fit for aqueen, And a trunk full of dresses besides;And a dear little carriage as ever was seen, And I am her horse when she rides.
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never a smile nor a thank have I had, a nod of her hard, shiny head;is it a wonder I m weary and sad ?I cant love a dolly so dead. thought I would ask you if, in yourbright train,ou had nt one fairy to spare,A naughty one, even,—I should nt complain,But would love it with tenderestcare— Or a poor little one who had lost itsbright wings,—I should cherish it not a bit less,—And, besides, they d get crushed withthe sofas and things,And be so inconvenient to dress. O Queen of the Fairies, so happyI II beIf you 11 only just send one to try;I 11 be back again soon afterdinner to seem \i If you ve left one here i-j forme. Good-bye! £~ -%L- MARY JANE DESCRIBES HERSELF. 353 MARY JANE DESCRIBES HERSELF.By A. G. Plympton. I AM going to write my autobiography. An autobiography is a story that the heroinewrites herself. From those I have read, I shouldsay that the heroines of autobiographies are evensuperior to other heroines. This is my autobi-ography. I ve written two before, and I dare





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