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St Gallen, Cathedral, Switzerland


St Gallen, Cathedral, Switzerland



This Mason shot of a church interior has the look of a set from a Stephen King book with the degradation on the plate. It looks to be a vast and beautifully decorated interior but where is it?..I thought this was one of the toughest posers we have had for a while but in her inimitable style sharon.corbet ( /photos/129555378@N07/ ) tells us this the Cathedral in St Gallen, Switzerland. I have spent the last 30 minutes ringing the Location Identified bell with great gusto...Sharon also tells us that It was built between 1755 and 1772 according to the German Wiki article. The interior and exterior decoration was carried out by Johann Christian Wentzinger for 52,000 Gulden. The paintings are the work of Joseph Wannenmacher...Carol Maddock ( /photos/47297387@N03/ ) refers us to an article from The Connacht Tribune, 19 April 1947, with reference to an exhibition of Swiss books here at Library Towers...Apparently among the books shown are translations into French, German and Italian of many well-known Anglo-Irish works, and photostatic reproductions of manuscripts in Irish and Latin from the Abbey of St. Gall, some of which were written in Kildare and were carried to Switzerland by Irish monks in the 7th century...Well done again sharon.corbet ( /photos/129555378@N07/ ) ...Photographer: Thomas H. Mason. .Collection: The Mason Photographic Collection ( ) . .Date: ca. 1890-1910. .NLI Ref: M51/14 ( ) . .You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at ( )



1870 - 1930




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