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Space Ship Takeoff, a Technical Fantasy

Space Ship Takeoff, a Technical Fantasy



1928 WELTRAUM SCHIFFI STARTET EINE TECHNISCHE FANTASIE (SPACE SHIP TAKEOFF, A TECHNICAL FANTASY). ARC Identifier 67908 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-28533. Summary: A German film depicting, through the use of special effects and animation, the launch of a space ship and its trip around the moon and return. Brief scenes are included of early German rocket power experiments. Selected footage in Reel 1: 410'-432' Early German launch of a small rocket from a trough-type launcher. 436' MS's & CU's of igniters being wired to rockets on the Opel RAK-2 rocket-propelled car. 447' MS to MLS of German rocket pioneer, Max Valier, sitting in his Valier RAK-6 liquid rocket-propelled car. 451' MS of Fritz Von Opel sitting in his Opel RAK-2 rocket-propelled car. 456' MCU of igniters being wired to rockets of Opel RAK-2 rocket-propelled car. 460' LS's of Fritz Von Opel driving his Opel RAK-2 car at Avus Track, Berlin, Germany, 23 May 1928. 472' LS of the Sander-Opel RAK-3 rocket-propelled car run on railroad tracks, 23 June 1928. 475' LS's & MS's of preparations and flight of the Opel-Sander RAK-1 rocket-powered glider, September 1928. 502' LS's firing of a small liquid-powered rocket. 521' MS fueling a rocket-propelled car with liquid oxygen. 531' LS camera pans right with the run of an early model German rocket-propelled car along runway of an airport. 536' CU of Max Valier sitting in the Valier RAK-6 car. 545'-549' MLS ignition of the rockets of the Sander-Opel RAK-3 car mounted on railroad tracks. Good (Basic: Dupe neg) Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) Made possible by a donation from Sabine Kirstein.





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