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Some say Salruck some say Salrock

Some say Salruck some say Salrock



Salruck Graveyard: Stones/slabs on graves, 2 boys sitting. Connemara. Old 'Pipe Graveyard': Little Killarney...I have seen Salrock on the map provided by Niall McAuley ( /photos/gnmcauley/ ) whereas Inverarra ( /photos/[email protected]/ ) refers to Salruck, the one thing we can be sure of is that this is not Little Killarney rather, Little Killary in Co. Galway...I am open to hear the definitive answer Salrock v Salruck, for what it is worth Flickrs mapping tool (with all its limitations) goes for Salrock...How does (where does) beachcomberaustralia ( /photos/beachcomberaustralia/ ) find the information he posts, I have tried to find some of the items he has already found, and failed, I suppose that's why I am here writing summaries and you are all out there exploring?..Anyway, today's golden wattle from down under is very intresting, ""There is a curious graveyard here where the graves are covered with stones and adorned with clay pipes, a fact which has led some superficial observers to conclude that the natives made votive offerings to the dead. As a matter of fact at the “wakes” pipes are handed round, and afterwards collected and placed on the graves." .From 'Black's Guide Books', 1912" ..Niall speculates that the boys might just be John Coyne and John Moran, but, I am not ringing that particular bell just yet!!...Photographer: Thomas H. Mason. .Collection: The Mason Photographic Collection ( ) . .Date: ca. 1890-1903. .NLI Ref: M5/31 ( ) . .You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at ( )



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